The global Covid 19-pandemic led to many challenges for higher education (HE) teachers. However, it also provided  an opportunity to not only re-evaluate a previously  unquestioned teaching culture, but also to fundamentally  question the capabilities of HE institutions and teachers to  implement digitally supported education at the  organizational, teaching, and learning levels. In this study,  we analyzed data from 1,339 HE teachers’ conclusions for  post-pandemic teaching terms of instructional course  quality. Our findings shed light on HE teachers’ mindsets  toward traditional face-to-face and online teaching, as well  as (im)probable changes in academic teaching culture. Our  results offer a “bottom-up” basis for recommendations on  how institutions can support their faculty for digital  transformations in HE based on teachers’ expertise and  perceptions of the advantages and hindrances of HE online  teaching.


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