What helps to understand transformative learning in sustain|ability contexts? Experiences may explain how transform|ability fuels sustain|ability in transfer contexts. The adopted research design explores patterns of documented transformational learning in competency-driven and sustainability-induced opportunities. Sustain|ability results from the ability to transform by creating next practices of learning and doing/acting/performing. praxiSDG promotes transform|ability as process designed for initiating and motivating change, and by sparking off transformational potential through involving empowering, action-driven competencies.
praxiSDG as a living lab activates hands-on transformational competencies by and in sustainability-related campus-community partnerships. To this, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide guidance for practical experiences and didactic reflection regarding learners’ transform|ability in third-mission contexts. How does transformational service learning succeed in sustain|ability? That is at the core of the corresponding research based on qualitative, theoretically grounded portfolio analysis and principles of teaching and learning. The following conceptions – next practices of learning and doing, transformational competencies, campus-community partnerships, patterns of sustainability, and third mission – are framing the research agenda for transform|ability through sustain|ability. This sheds light on two related questions, namely, first, what patterns from experience help understanding how transformative learning can succeed in a sustainability context and, secondly, what research design can be used to investigate this.